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Love Joke - Husbands and Wives

Love Joke - Superman 

Love joke - Trade names and generic names

Love Joke - Blonde Guy Gets Home Early From Work

Bonus Joke - Actually said in the courts

 Bonus Joke - The New Preacher

Love Joke - The Mechanic

Divorce Joke - The Present

Bonus Joke - Alleviating Ear Pressure 

Love Joke - Beautiful Woman 

Bonus Joke - Lawyer 

Love Joke - Pickpoketting 

Love Joke - Female Hormones in Beer

Love Joke - Funny Side of Breaking Up

"Dance the Lambada with Me" - Video Love Poem

"Missing You" - Romantic Video Love Quotations 

"Tips For Holding onto Love" - Romantic Video Tips

Romantic Love Expressions (+Unchained Melody) Video

Love Diaries Part 1 Video: Five Signs He Is Not Into You 

Love Diaries Part 2 Video: Five First-date Tips For Men

Love Diaries Part 3 Video: Nine Dating Tips For Men + Women

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Gotta go, gotta leave (great video - she's had enough!)

These boots are made for walking (old time favourite)

When you were cheatin' (your review?)

Your husband's cheating on us! (great song :)

Jolene (high quality sound) Dolly Parton solo

Jolene duet - Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton

Before he cheats (strong gal, watch out!)

Somebody lied (get over it)!

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Ain't no sunshine Bill Withers (far too late!)

I'm gonna leave you tomorrow (indecisions)

What's a memory like you (not over ex yet)

I can't make you love me (nope!) 

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