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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: How To Stop A Breakup
Having a Heart-to-Heart Moment?

The only downside to falling in love with that special someone is the possibility of that relationship going bad.  Often this situation is referred to as a breakup.

Frequently, a breakup can be a very traumatic experience.  This is because love deals with the human heart.  Therefore, if the relationship is fractured, then the individual may experience a broken heart (literally, with physical symptoms of real suffering).

Subsequently, it is important to know how to stop a breakup.  Some of the ways to stop a breakup is to communicate and work on the relationship.


One of the primary causes of a breakup in a relationship is the couple’s inability or conscious choice of not communicating.  This lack of communication in any relationship can be a death knell because communication is a vital component to the health and growth of the interpersonal relationship.  This need for communication is not only true for individuals on a social level but on a deeper relationship level as well.

Specifically, communication is the process in which the individuals in the relationship communicate verbally what is on their mind and heart.  This communication goes well beyond the superficial chit-chat that most individuals experience on a day-to-day basis.  An example of chit-chat or 'small-talk' can be talking about the weather or more simply asking how an individual is doing. 

A deeper level of communication includes the HONEST expression of how one is feeling emotionally and mentally.  In addition, this type of communication allows for the sharing of hopes and dreams. (It is communication after the "honeymoon period" is over, and can often be about mundane but important issues - important because they can erode a relationship if not addressed, and in a timely fashion at that.)

Meaningful and deep communication is an opportunity for individuals to share with one another what they are feeling even if those feelings can be defined as being fearful or unsure or weak.  Another important component of this type of communication that is vital in knowing how to prevent a breakup is that the environment of this sharing is one of safety, security and non-judgmental. 

Both parties should be mature enough to be able to say what is on their mind to the other person without feeling that they will not be heard or taken seriously or in any way feel they will be discouraged from doing so.

Similarly, they should also be able to listen attentively to their partner even if what they hear is not to their liking, that is, be humble enough to accept criticism and to cooperate in bringing about a solution.

This does imply that your delivery method will do the job without causing damage psychologically or in any other way - you are communicating with your loved one and not on a seek-and-destroy mission of an enemy!  In other words, be honest but be tactful if you're the one 'speaking your mind'!

Your goal is to resolve the issues but without destroying your relationship or/and your partner. Avoid being blindsided by the issues themselves - having a clear focus that the reason for resolving niggly issues as they arise is to connect and strengthen your relationship will help you to stay on track as a couple.

Work On The Relationship

Another important step on knowing how to stop a breakup is to work on the relationship.  This means that once the relationship has begun it does not end at any given point.  That is because the relationship is dynamic and is ever growing and changing.

Therefore, an important step on knowing how to stop a breakup is for the individual to NEVER get to that point where there is severe tension or strain on the relationship.  Specifically, then, it is important that the individuals in the relationship continue the relationship-building process.  This can be accomplished by working with one another, doing for one another and revitalizing the relationship on a daily basis.

Revitalization of the relationship can be accomplished:
  • by doing simple things for one another, 
  • being spontaneous, carving out time for one another, 
  • going on weekly dates, and doing unexpected things for one another, 
  • showing appreciation and gratitude when your other half helps you out, 
  • expressing your affection in small ways like holding hands, etc.
  • helping them out if they have had a bad or busy day at the office or workplace, 
  • encouraging them when they're frustrated, or if their plans have gone awry, etc.

Remember to take care of the bigger stuff too. Offering your unconditional support especially during times of adversity (even when you feel you are out of your depth) can create a deep and unique bond that will last a lifetime and more...with all the wonderful flow-on benefits that this will bring to you as a couple as well as to your own family and to your extended families.

Note that a mediocre effort will only beget mediocre results. So remember to build your relationship to be as strong as you possibly can - make it your best, and don't settle for anything less!

"Great Relationships are not Made in Heaven. 
They are Tempered from the Heart and Forged in the Crucibles of Adversity."
Original Quote By M L Hua 28-10-2013

If you're broken up it's not too late:

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