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Winning Moves Help You To Get Ex Girlfriend Back

Which Moves To Help You Overcome Losing Battles?

Initially you are in a state of shock and you do not know how to react.  The writing on the wall has been flashing before you for a while now but you chose to ignore it.  She has been avoiding sex with you.

She hardly smiled or responded to your quips that made her giggle hysterically, once. You let yourself get despondent over her behavior and remained aloof. She does not return your calls and is out with a group of friends, where one of the guys is a constant factor… (definitely not an X-factor in your books!)

How to get your ex girlfriend back is uppermost in your mind and nothing else matters.

Love's Mortal Blow

Then one find day, she calls and says, “We have got to talk!” Why do these words sound like disaster is about to engulf you in a cloud and whisk you to “Doomsville”?  You know it's bad news. So how could Life have dealt you such a losing hand ... when all you've done was love this woman?  The truth is people drift away for all sorts of reasons, you don't even need to be arguing or fighting to drift away... sometimes they are not even aware of the bond-decay until one of them leaves.

Yes, you’re right.  She uses the same lines all girls use, when the spark of romance has shifted for some reason, best known to them. “I need space,” or “I need to move on” makes you wince, as you wonder what you have done to upset her that she wants to find solace in someone else’s arms.  Ouch! That hurts!

You cannot bear the thought of her in bed with another man.  Well, just don’t lie there on the couch doing nothing.   

First Step – Do not wallow in self-pity!  Think hard and quickly. 
How to get your ex girlfriend back is the PRIORITY now.

Second Step - Do get expert help. When you listen to your neighbours, etc. though the majority will mean well, the chances of them "putting their foot in it" will be high because they lack the skills required to firstly 'contain the problem', and then secondly to work through it. Now is NOT the time to listen to gossip or over-the-fence, DIY "advice". Time is of the essence!
A Love-Doctor is what you need. Remember when you let someone go, especially if they were a good match before, you may never find someone quite like that again even though there's "plenty of fish in the sea"!  It may take years and then sometimes never again...especially if you are older or getting into the senior category. There are very many older singles living alone despite dating and looking actively for a long term partner.

A Good Time to Reflect

Now is a good time to reflect and soul-search. What did you do (or NOT DO) over the past few months that led her to move slowly away from you?  Be HONEST, be FAIR and you will know the answer. Get help online by professionals that will give you proper solutions to your particular dilemma.

Often, these blueprints, written by experts will help you say the right things and if you follow their brilliant advice, your ex may come back to you, without realizing that you weaned her back to you, letting her feel that she was in the wrong.

Once you learn how to get your ex girlfriend back, manipulate the reins and be the winner, as your penitent lover shows how willing she is to do anything, to get you to love her again!

This might sound a tad ungentlemanly but do you know that unless you play your chips like a pro, you can easily lose your girl to another guy or guys?  That in the game of life it's not just your ex-girlfriend that has to take a position on the chess-board (about you and her), that the stance you take (especially after you both have broken up) is also vital to HOLDING THE WINNING MOVE because it signals to the other male players to back off from the Queen because she has already been taken? 

The Alpha Male

In the wild, you will be surprised at how fast other simian males can move in on a solitary female of mating age, and this behaviour is NOT absent from the human species albeit in a masked or subtle way... sometimes.  That's one reason why you have to act fast when you split up, if you really want to get your ex girlfriend back.

You have to ensure that the 'mutual claim you staked on each other' prior to breaking up, is still viable and visible to others and that the rift you had was temporary and hasn't damaged that mutual claim otherwise expect opportunists ("dominant males from own or other tribes") to 'muscle in on your territory'. That is the nature of our ancestral dna and the dating, mating beast. When you break up from a pair bond, expect both of you to encounter many more 'offers' by all kinds of people, even people who you thought were your (platonic) friends prior to breakup! (The opportunistic streak is in everyone of us, in some it's more or more APPARENT than in others...)

Prioritize, Decide and Act

Also when you break up the group dynamics (of your wider circle) will change; just be aware and observe how these have changed so you can deal with them, as well as attend to the breakup itself. The fact is there is going to be more on your plate than just dealing with your and her issues... however focus on YOU and your Girl Friend for now because that is the priority if you wish to get your Ex Girlfriend back!  For expert advice > Go Here.

When you are newly broken up she will still have feelings for you; provided you don't delay it's not too late... check out expert advice now.

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