Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Lost Love: Dealing With the End of a Relationship

Were They Your Reason, Season or Lifetime Love?


This article is not for everyone. For some people there can only ever be one person or soul mate in their lifetime and in many cases they seem to know and pick their future partners early in life, for example, couples who have been together since childhood, or early school days, etc.  For others, they can find true love several times in their life, and these relationships may last a long time eg.10 years or more before the couple go their separate ways. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Winning Moves Help You To Get Ex Girlfriend Back

Which Moves To Help You Overcome Losing Battles?

Initially you are in a state of shock and you do not know how to react.  The writing on the wall has been flashing before you for a while now but you chose to ignore it.  She has been avoiding sex with you.

She hardly smiled or responded to your quips that made her giggle hysterically, once. You let yourself get despondent over her behavior and remained aloof. She does not return your calls and is out with a group of friends, where one of the guys is a constant factor… (definitely not an X-factor in your books!)

How to get your ex girlfriend back is uppermost in your mind and nothing else matters.


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