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Some Common Signs Of Cheating In A Relationship

There are some common signs of cheating in a relationship such as working late nights, frequent company functions, more meetings, going out with friends more often, etc. These signs can be a cause of concern but could be quite legitimate. The best way to determine if your partner is cheating is to look for a cluster of signs rather than s few isolated "incidents". Proceed carefully because you do not want to be irrational, immature or to act out of paranoia or jealousy (unattractive & sometimes dangerous traits to encourage)!   Save Your Marriage Today >

What Other Common Signs of Cheating Can You Spot In A Relationship?


Changes in Behaviour Re Money & Unaccounted Financials: 

Could be a sign of cheating in a relationship. If your partner hesitates to show the bills, hides when bills arrive, and only reveals the amount that needs to be paid, locks the bills in files with unknown passwords, shreds the bills, or gets the bills sent to work, or other suspicious behaviour then there might be something afoot.

Changes in Attitude and Mood


  • Could be signs of cheating in a relationship. The cheating partner may show an indifference or greater indifference to family events, appears to be avoiding you, seems bored with the kids, their job, hobbies and life in general and have a more cagey attitude to money.
  • The offending partner may also become defensive when there's any reference to affairs or infidelity in your general conversation. And they may seem more secretive than usual.

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Changes in Their Daily Behavior & Routine: 


Could also be a common sign of cheating in a relationship. There may be some small or larger but definite changes in the daily routine of a cheating partner.
  • You may find suspicious items in the car such as greeting cards, gifts, gift wrap, and so on when normally these are stashed in your 'office/study room' at home. 
  • The partner may suddenly seem over-possessive of their personal belongings viz. pocket calculator, wallet, PDA, email, computer or cell phone because there might be photos, phone numbers, or receipts that they do not want you to find.
  • The partner may suddenly start coming home later more often than in the past, 
  • and may smell of alcohol or scent that you cannot identify within your household.

There may also be other signs of cheating in a relationship, such as being more irritable or short with you and the family and therefore picking fights more often, throwing tantrums and leaving the house at every slight excuse, refusal to accompany you for shopping, encouraging you to visit your friends and family alone, forgetting to wear engagement/wedding ring more often, smelling differently, showing more interest in their appearance and grooming, etc.

Changes in Working Hours or Work Routine:  


A cheating partner may also seem to be working long hours and working on weekends, but is never available at the desk to answer the phone.

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Changes in Computer and Phone Usage Patterns: 

  • There could be excessive time on the computer, especially after you have gone to bed 
  • or the partner receives or sends messages at odd hours, 
  • their cell call-log is usually empty and their browser history cleared before they log off, 
  • or there are secret, new, email account/s that you are not aware of.


Emotional & Behavioural Changes Towards You:

Could also be a sign of cheating in a relationship.
  • The cheating partner may become curt, short, mean or abusive. To ease the guilt, the partner may also accuse you of cheating (turning the tables around - where the "best defence is to take offence"). 
  • Or the reverse could happen - being abnormally attentive and/or overly sweet because of a guilty conscience
  • but in reality drifting away and becoming emotionally distant and unavailable for you or the family.
  • He or she sleeps in another room, there are changes in their sex pattern or routine and 
  • they are always aware or keeping track of your schedule so that the affair can be conducted around your movements!
You trust your partner and you have never had reasons to doubt them before BUT people do change so keep an open mind and be fair but also listen to your gut. Your intuition may not be right, but if you feel that something is afoot, it could pay you to be more vigilant and to check it out so that you can hopefully, nip the affair in the bud ... and salvage your relationship if your hunches were to prove correct.  It is always better to face the truth than to turn a blind eye as that will resolve nothing and in fact will only encourage things to go from bad to worse.

If you wish to save your marriage or relationship then you need to act - you may still have a chance if your worst suspicions are confirmed but only if you act FAST and WISELY!  Don't lose the plot though! To win a battle you must stay calm and collected. Yes, winning back a partner who has cheated is like trying to win a war - there may be many battles to overcome before you can finally sound the victory call!

Tempation is everywhere!

But with a COOL head and Expert Strategy you may yet out-manoeuvre the enemy (aka home-breakers) & hang onto what is Yours before they get lured away forever!

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