Friday, July 19, 2013

Win Love Back - 5 Simple Strategies to Win Love Back

Love may be a truly fickle emotion, and it may seem to flame out just as quickly and as easily as it was originally ignited, but this does not mean that you cannot win love back after a bad break up. When outside factors like money and work get in the way, stress can be created in a relationship. Following a break up, it may seem impossible for you to win love back, but this is not the case.

Once relationship problems build and the relationship crumbles, learning to win love back does not become an impossibility. There are definitely a number of different things that you can do in order to win love back, you simply need to know what to do. It is much, much easier for you to win love back than to find love in the first place. 

Consider these basic strategies for learning to win love back if your relationship has ended against your will.


- 1 If you want to win love back, you need to learn how to be honest at all times. Distrust is one of the biggest causes of problems in relationships, meaning that honesty is vitally important in learning to win love back.


 - 2. If you want to win love back, you need to learn how to be dependable. Nothing tends to be more deflating than being with someone who is completely undependable. If you are not reliable, you will never learn to win love back.



- 3. If you want to win love back, you need to learn how to be encouraging to your lover. Love is all about appreciating one another for who you really are, and this is vital to learning to win love back. The more encouraging that you are, the more receptive your ex will be when you decide that it is time to win love back.

 For The Magic of Appreciation Watch the Video




- 4. If you want to win love back, you need to learn how to listen and communicate. Communication is one of the most vital ingredients in learning to win love back because no relationship can last without communication. Communication is at the core of every relationship and also a vital element of learning how you can win love back.


- 5. If you want to win love back, you need to know how to take appropriate action and at the right time.  All relationships have both ups and downs for you to contend with. Learning how to take the appropriate actions accordingly is vital to your success in learning how to win love back.  Also important is the timeliness of your delivery because, what good are actions unless delivered in a timely fashion ie. when it is most needed?

Timeliness:  For example, if an apology is due and expected, don't wait until the next day, week or more, to actually apologise - the impact of a genuine apology is most keenly felt when it is offered soon after the offending.  It's also the time when your reputation as a fair person, etc. is spared a setback in the eyes of the person who matters most to you.  

"I am sorry" are three little words that have a huge impact on any relationship because it shows that you are able to reach within yourself (despite your ego), to play fair, and then admit that you were wrong when you stuff up.
It also shows that you care enough about the other person to put them above yourself when you realise your mistake, rather than pander to your own egoistic need to be 'right' at all costs.
In short, you value your relationship and also have the honesty and the insight to prevent it from being sabotaged by your own actions.
And when you do cross the yellow-line (aka relationship-success boundaries), you are emotionally smart enough to self-correct in time to prevent a head-on collision!  If you are not there yet or your auto-correct steering is malfunctioning then consider getting some serious help here!!
[ Btw if you are the one receiving the apology ensure you do actually forgive and forget. Let it go unless it is an issue or a transgression that  is very serious eg. it violates core values or basic human rights. In this case you did the right thing to walk away.
Don't minimalise the importance of core values or basic human rights of your partner if you want long term success as a couple (and as a family unit if you have kids), because the repercussion that follows as surely as night follows day, especially from someone who you previously assumed was a lamb will explode in your face with more fury than Mt. Vesuvius... usually when you least expect it, and realise too late... as they finally Jettison You! ]

These five simple strategies are really all you need to learn how to win love back. If you can apply these strategies with patience and dedication to your cause, you too can win love back following a bad break up. Keep in mind that no matter how bad the break up is, you can fix it if you really, truly want to.

These five simple tips will make all the difference. However remember that if you have inadequacies in these areas you need to make some compromises and improve YOURSELF first, before you can Pull Your Ex Back!

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