Monday, March 25, 2013

Tell-tale Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

A break-up is the hardest thing to face, especially when you are in love with your girlfriend and cannot accept the fact that she is now your ex girlfriend.   Most men foolishly dive headlong into depression, start drinking themselves to death and wallow in self pity.  They send out desperate feelers and threats in the hope that their ex will feel sorry and rush back into their arms.

If you are in this situation, do not wear your heart on your sleeve.  Instead start working towards getting your ex girlfriendback.  Once you realize that she is the one for you and you cannot live without her, do and say the right things so that she herself realizes her mistake and decides that she wants you back.

Sending her love letters, asking her forgiveness, using people to state your case are all insane things to do.  Keep your cool, look back at the last few months when you noticed her attention straying and check if the fault was yours.  Once you identify the problem, engage yourself in activity of some sort and try to move on with your life.

You will begin to recognize signs your ex wants you back when she wonders at your silence and tries to get information about your reactions.  If she calls you and asks you to continue being friends, politely decline and put the phone down.  Go out with friends, if you must, not to make her jealous but to be in company so that you do not end up alone at home, brooding. Your friends will tell you, without you trying to spy on her, certain things, which are clear signs your ex wants you back.

When she finally realizes that she was wrong, you will find she is sending out feelers, which are signs your ex wants you back.  This time around, you are the man in command of the situation and you will make the rules.  Your very approach to the whole situation has won you the round and you are now happy and relieved to have her back in your life.

Here's the expert way to get ex girlfriend back.

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