Sunday, December 9, 2012

Open Mind on How to Fix a Relationship

Have an Open Mind when You are Learning How to Fix a Relationship:

When you are in a relationship for a long time, you get used to the other person’s ways and habits.  You tend to lean on your loved one for many decisions and suggestions.

Suddenly you feel a void in your life when the relationship is broken.  She tells you, one fine day, that she needs space as she wants to think things over and politely suggests that you could still be friends.

It is only when you are on your own that you start thinking how and why things went wrong. Maybe you have reached a stage where it is too late to turn back the hands of time. Well, use this time to introspect and realize how to be a better person.

Use the time to figure out how to fix a relationship that you never ever thought would lead to an estrangement.  Do not call and hound her with apologies or threats. 

The distance between you two could work wonders for her too.  An old adage goes like this, “If you love her, set her free, if she returns to you, she was meant to be.”

True love will show you the way. Take your cue from experts online or books that teach you how to fix a relationship. When she realizes that you are the only one for her, she will come back and you will now have the upper hand as you do not walk out on her.

That does not give you the right to treat her cruelly or ask her to beg you for forgiveness. Be forgiving and loving and pay her a lot of attention.  Perhaps you were not communicating enough with her.

Be mature in your attitude when dealing with the present situation.  Do not bring up the past. Try to rebuild your relationship on a clean slate.

Discuss the problems with an open mind and encourage her to pour her heart out and when she asks you for a shoulder to cry on, be magnanimous and lend her yours.

These are ways how to fix a relationship if you want to be happy with your loved one for the rest of your lives.

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