Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3 Mistakes to Avoid to Get Your Ex Back

If You Want Your Ex Back Avoid These 3 Mistakes:

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In our anxiety to “undo” things, we often do foolish things in haste and then repent at leisure.

If you are in a broken relationship and desperate to the point that you are not able to think straight, make a conscious effort to remember:-

3 things to avoid doing if you want your ex back.

First, stay away from that phone!  You have the irresistible urge to call your ex and beg them to forgive you even though you are not sure what you did wrong.  Do not attempt calling their friends and trying to explain your version of the break-up.  You probably think you can get her back by sending her love notes, flowers, and gifts or even offering her cash, anything – Bad moves!

These are cheap gimmicks that will only drive her further away from you.  Your common friends will listen and sympathize but will not interfere or try to help you in your problems.  It is not their right to interfere and the sooner you get this in your head, the better it will be for you.

Falling Apart 

Do not let yourself go to seed is another one of the 3 things to avoid doing, if you want your ex back.   That means, stop reaching for the bottle or smoking those innumerable cigarettes.  This will make you lose your focus on the terrible mess that you are in.  You will not be able to work, your physique will suffer and you will look like something the cat brought in.  Would you like her to walk in and see you like this?  Go out, call up friends whom you had no time for and spend your evening in their company. You may meet some pretty girls who will divert your attention for a few hours at least.

Closing the Doors

The last of the 3 things to avoid doing if you want your ex back, is to shut her out of your life. Listen to what she has to say and do not interrupt with your opinions. Let her speak and you will read between the lines, signs that will tell you that she is sorry for what she did and wants to get back to you.

The principle of each tip applies both to women and to men.

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