Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Relationship Tips: 5 Signs He's Not Into You Anymore

Read our thoughts about this and what you can do:

If he has been madly in love with you in the past, then if you notice these signs (they can slowly creep up unnoticed) you should take heed of the warning because the writing could be on the wall for you. Fine, if you no longer care for him. But if you still want him and want him back to the level before the relationship apathy started to eat away the love and bond you both shared, probably before you even realise what was happening, then click here.

On the other hand if you are feeling the same as he is feeling ie.romantically lethargic (as manifested by his behaviour) then watch the video (which is a rather fun and light-hearted view but still broadcasting the same solemn message).

Personally if you are disenchanted with him then it's a good idea to have a month's break ... to give him space to miss you and for you to rethink your relationship and how much you want or don't want it. Then take it from there because it appears that he has already taken you for granted and drifted away and is no longer emotionally available. Or you could try and make up with your boyfriend

This time-out period will also allow him to do the same and reflect on your importance to his life or otherwise. Try not to make contact during this time and especially intimate contact.  You both need space so you can have clarity in assessing and monitoring yourself, your partner and your situation and vice versa.  Once you come to the realisation of what is really important to you, you will be more wisely guided by your heart to make the right decision.

If he realises that you are the most important person in his life, during this time-out and that he could lose you through his negligence then you will likely see positive changes in him or a more cooperative attitude to the kind of changes that you wish to make in the relationship (more about this later as it is a whole new and big topic).

Perhaps you have been together for a long time in which case the staleness is suffocating your relationship and if you both want to rescue it this can be done but only if there is MUTUAL desire to save it. You can rescue and rejuvenate your relationship still.  If there is even just a flicker of a flame of the old bond-fire you may still have a chance to reignite love and desire.

If your relationship is relatively new (just a few months) then it does not look good as usually this is the honeymoon period in which you can do no wrong in the eyes of your boyfriend and vice versa but if you are already striking problems during this period then there may be more deep-seated problems.*

*These 'deep-seated problems' may be no more than eg. the stress of keeping a long-distance relationship alive, or the stress of having to witness that he is still carrying baggage from his involvement with previous females.  These would obviously damage immensely ANYONE'S relationship and not just yours so don't be hard on yourself and definitely do NOT allow him to blame you for problems that he caused and which have undermined both your happiness.  Remember it takes two to tango so do not accept or allow him to pile all the responsibility onto your shoulders.

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The original video is located at this url on YouTube.com

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