Monday, December 12, 2011

Tips To Get Ex-Girlfriend Back-Whisper Alluring Messages

Tips on Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back 

It’s Sunday night, 2 weeks after SHE left you.  You’re wandering around your apartment like a lost fart in a perfume factory unsure of what to do, how to do it or when for that matter.  You miss her so much your insides ache.   
Forget about a weak, unconvincing and cheap apology!! This is the time for sweating bullets. Yep, if you want her back it’ll be just as painful, uncharacteristic and involve some heartfelt changes on your part. This means not only are you going to have to climb the mountains (of your own making!) in the next couple of weeks to charm her back into your life, but you are going to have to do this as part of your natural appeal every day.  Yes I said “every day!" - just like you have to eat to survive, so too do you have to nourish this fragile love. The reason it has already ended up this way is because you have been starving the relationship to the bulimic breaking point!

I can guarantee that the main issue she had with you was your poor communication and inability to express how you feel, compliment her, notice when she’d had her hair cut or colored, or, how on the rare occasions you took her out (inevitably to some bar that was crowded and noisy), you failed to tell her how beautiful she looked. That is what I mean by communication and then some.  So now you have excommunicated yourself.  Do you see where this is going?  (I know, I know, you are going to say "Men are from Mars ..." but I am not interested in your excuses. You have to accept ownership and responsibility RIGHT NOW or kiss your relationship goodbye - the rift is now that major!).

The top priority is that you have to re-engage with her in a way that not only blows her socks off with regards to the new, open and “in touch with my feelings” communicable you, but also romancing her in such a way, she is left breathless and unable to resist.  

You are going to do whatever it takes, leaving hand-written romantic messages in all the unexpected places that she could find them, designed to intrigue and build into orgasmic climax, figuratively of course.  

These must be followed up by text messages that are sincere, offer a little bit more intrigue until you finally (over the period of a week) invite her to a romantic venue where you pull out all the stops in your heartfelt apology, you vow to never take her for granted again, and your sincere intention in letting her drive the pace if she would graciously agree to your absolute last chance in showing her how much you love her. 

You do this, and more, making sure your plan is well orchestrated and you have thought of everything, and guaranteed she will be yours again.  I just have one word of caution.  Don’t botch-up again buddy!  This time, you say what you mean and you do what you say.  If not, you won’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to win her back, EVER!
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