Friday, November 20, 2009

Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back With Foreplay!!


Yes, that's right, I am about to reveal the Secrets of how to win back your ex-lover or ex-girlfriend  using lots of Foreplay. But before you go rushing to her door ... Wait!!  Foreplay is not something one undertakes just before sex, it begins well before that.

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Foreplay is about understanding and fulfilling a woman's needs for emotional love, affection and tenderness - if you master this skill you have a great chance of succeeding in your relationship and getting what you want from it.

Foreplay is not what you do AFTER you get your Ex back.  It begins well BEFORE that and will strongly influence your getting back together if the reason for your break up was minor in the first place. During your separation make use of the time to engage in Foreplay that will get you closer to your Ex.

6  Wild And Wicked Foreplay Tips That Ex Girlfriend Loves!!
  • Foresight - see what, when and how your partner needs your support and help
  • Fortitude - don't take it personally if  she rejects your help sometimes (for valid reasons)
  • Friendship - show her that she can count on you no matter what happens
  • Fun - with a good dose of fun and humour you will never risk boring your ex!
  • Faithfulness - she appreciates your fidelity even though technically you don't have to be
  • Forgiveness - this is a big one, if your ex has hurt you in the past, your forgiveness is essential for getting back together again.

      How To Offer Your Ex Partner Help And Support

      See where you can help her out physically and where you cannot, offer mental and emotional support instead. As the adage goes, a 'problem shared is a problem halved'! She will need help with physical tasks like fixing taps or fuse-wires. If she has moved into a new apartment and need to renovate this is where you can make yourself handy - this is your big chance to be her 'Knight in Shining Armour' (rather than someone else!).

      Her (unsolicited) gratitude is more than sufficient reward (don't ask or even think of anything else!). You need to show her that your friendship is unconditional, that you support her, no matter what happens. This is a good way to get into her good books to make amends for the rough time she's had, especially if you have been a major contributor to the break-up.

      This also gives you both a chance to keep non-pressurizing, (platonic) communication lines open, a way not to cut-off all communication even though that is often what is advised.  In other words, if it is possible keep the friendship alive a little if you intend to get back with your ex-girlfriend and especially if she does not have her support team located near her.  A non-threatening, platonic communication will give you a good platform upon which to start rebuilding your romantic communication and connection...when the time is right for both of you.

      It's very heart-warming to see one's ex help out with difficult chores.  You can be sure she notices and appreciates it even if she doesn't gush about it, especially if you haven't been helping much around the house immediately prior to your breakup.  Just ensure that you DON'T bargain or barter for favours. It's a NO-NO! to have 'hidden' agendas and your ex-girlfriend will not be impressed. Foreplay begins weeks and months BEFORE you get your desired results which is to get back with your ex girlfriend.

      The point is to start soon and remain supportive and patient as getting back takes time. If your ex cared for you prior to the breakup this kindness will endear you more than you realise (women do really find ongoing kindness and generosity of spirit sexy, especially if it's spontaneous and not planned as a way to renew physical contact).  

      We often see couples who had demonstrated their care for each other all during their separation get back successfully, even after many years!  However to get back with your ex girlfriend more quickly and successfully expert help is recommended - not just to get it right for now, but to stay on track so you don't repeat the same mistakes soon as you get back together!

      SUMMARY TIP: Remember that kindness and generosity of spirit is more sexy and always a (long lasting) turn-on rather than being selfish and demanding and your ex girlfriend won't be able to help but respond warmly to your kind and positive vibes.  Remember too that it takes a real man to display kindness when he could easily be bitter or worse. (As for the other party, you know their love for you is genuine if a man can treat you well despite their own loss, grief and unhappiness ... especially if the breakup was largely contributed by you.)

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