Friday, November 20, 2009

Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back With Foreplay!!


Yes, that's right, I am about to reveal the Secrets of how to win back your ex-lover or ex-girlfriend  using lots of Foreplay. But before you go rushing to her door ... Wait!!  Foreplay is not something one undertakes just before sex, it begins well before that.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Why It's Essential To Forgive To Win Back Love

Do you want your Ex back? Do you want to win back love? If you genuinely want to get back with your Ex and to Win back their love then this is an Essential step that you must master.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get Your Ex Back Fast - Begin With 3 Easy Steps

Breaking up is hard to do.  If you intend to get your ex back don't procrastinate. Here are 3 TIPS to get you started even as you embark on a strategy to fix your relationship issues to get your ex back for the long haul.

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Keep Your Confidence: Show your ex boyfriend or girlfriend that you are strong and capable of handling an emotional crisis, and that you can survive on your own as well. But don't overdo it - find a balance between being attractively self-assured and independent (yet making sure they know that they are vital to your life), while at the same time not appearing to be overly needy!

Socialise: If you have been a shy person before your break up, try to be more outgoing and sociable now. Surround yourself with new people, family and friends. Get out more and keep occupied, this will help to reduce your sense of loneliness and loss.

Attend concerts, gigs, recitals and fun events with friends and famly including those you have not seen for a while. Have coffee, do some "retail therapy" and pamper yourself a little. Above all do not be too hard on yourself or blame your ex for your break-up crisis. 

You may wonder how this will help you but your ex will be intrigued to see how well you are doing without them. And your growing self-assuredness and popularity (you're going out with lots of people) will make them question the wisdom of their decision to leave you especially if they had been the one to initiate the break-up!

Improve Your Appearance: Dress smartly and attractively - pay attention to your clothes and total grooming. Initially it's quite natural to feel a little depressed and to neglect your looks. However work hard not to let yourself go for too long. 

Try out a new hair-do - a new cut or style is a great way to create a totally 'new' look. It will do your mood wonders to look and feel good and this will impress your ex who will then pick up on your upbeat vibes as well. This will give you a flying start to get your ex back fast ... (while they still have feelings for you).

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